Avicenna Hospital

Is one of the leading hospital in Turkey, especially in İstanbul since 1998 and until today, the hospital provides services in 5 branches. Experience and services are provided in our hospital where technology is at the highest level, especially in hair transplant. We will pick up our patients with a VIP car from the airport to 5 star hotel, to hospital and back again for free. HistoryHair provides more than 90% result success for hair transplant, you can see the results within 6 month you can contact us 24/7 during that process.

Why HistoryHair?

Our aesthetic surgery field consists out of a professional health staff and doctors forming a knowledgeable team of 150 skilled people. The hospital pays attention to policies of the patient's pleasure and trust, safe and hygienic. The FUE technique is the current world leader in hair transplant technology. We firmly believe that with any kind of plastic surgery, patients deserve the best-qualified practitioner.

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