Abdominal Stretching

Abdominal Stretching

Abdominal stretching (abdominoplasty) in which situations?

Especially during pregnancy and losing weight very quickly, a sagging skin occurs in the belly region. This problem, which causes a lot of weight or has a very frequent pregnancy or is a genetic condition, can be determined as a reason to undergo a tummy tuck surgery.

About Tummy Stretching

Firstly, the muscular structure and the wrapping of the skin are eliminated according to the person's wishes. If the person has a problem of lubrication, the liposuction must be applied before the tummy is applied. If the abdomen is applied without oil removal process, then we can obtain a thick image without aesthetics.

Abdominal stretching surgery is performed completely in a hospital operating environment. The patient is taken under general anesthesia and operation is comfortable. During surgery, an incision is created such as a caesarean section. In this way, discrete muscles are combined and the navel is changed. Abdominoplasty is the right choice for people who want a more firm and tense abdomen.

Things to consider after the operation

The patient remains in the hospital only one day after the surgery. She is then discharged and can travel after a first doctor's check-up. The first week after the operation may be mild pain, there is no condition to be concerned. For 1 month after the abdominal stretching, the patient has to wear a corset that the doctor recommends. People who perform this surgery can return to their normal life within 2-3 weeks. They can continue their sports life in 6-8 weeks. The operation of the wound in the house and the absence of heavy work in the operation is very easy to circumvent.

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