Breast Aesthetics

Breast Aesthetics

Breast aesthetics

With the breast aesthetics that are becoming more and more widespread in the world, many women now feel younger, dynamic and attractive. The breasts that started to develop at the age of 9-10 are of great importance for the female body. Breast enlargement aesthetics are used for breasts that have not completed their development at an early age or have a tendency to decrease after breastfeeding.

Breast aesthetics are used for breasts that sometimes shrink due to weight loss. This condition may be needed after birth and may develop as a consequence. For example, after breast cancer, the necessary configuration for breast repair is provided and the psychology of the patient is normalized.

Doctor selection in breast augmentation

Before the breast augmentation operation, the patient and the doctor should make a good planning because the size of the chest is at a desired level. A surgery is determined according to the patient's expectations. After this planning, a suitable prosthesis is determined for the breast, and then the prosthesis is prepared and surgical preparations are started. However, the prosthesis to be used in the operation should be considered. Gel structure of the prosthesis, crustal characteristics and tissue are determined specifically for the patient. The success of the doctor in this regard, communication with the patient and the patient's requests correctly understood the success of the operation is determined as impressive elements.

With the development of new technologies, oil injection is now being used in breast augmentation operations. The excess fat in the body can be used to enlarge small breasts or a more natural appearance can be achieved using both operations.

Who can have breast aesthetics

Any individual who has no health problems, who is suffering from breast size and who has reached the age of 18 years, may have breast augmentation aesthetics.

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General anesthesia is required for breast aesthetics

Since the implanted prosthesis will put pressure on the tissue within the breast, it can cause pain for the first 1-2 weeks, there is nothing to worry about;

3-4 hours after the operation of food and fluid consumption according to the doctor's diet plan begins.

The first dressing after the operation means you can take a shower and you can take a shower if your doctor gives your consent.

You can do your light work within 1-2 weeks after the operation.

Light walks can be carried out within 1-2 weeks after the operation, however, heavy sports should not be done within 1 month.

Activities such as sauna and hammam should be avoided for 6-9 months after the operation.

After the first check, you can travel with the approval of your doctor.

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