Breast Lift

Breast Lift

Breast Lift

Breast lift aesthetics is applied because the person loses the steepness and aesthetic stance of the breast tissue for certain reasons.

Over time, the breasts that have sagged or too much breastfeeding have a great negative effect on the psychological aspects of many women and cause deterioration in their social life. Particularly, the tits that lose their steep and tight structure as the age progresses are the images that no woman would want.

Women who are satisfied with the size of the breast, but are faced with the problem of sagging not only suffer from collapse in their social lives, but also have difficulties in their relations with their spouses. It was observed that many women who were considering this operation avoided their association with their spouses.

Causes of breast sagging

The nipple is aligned under the nipple and the breast while the tendency to sag. When the second stage is passed, the nipple is below the level of the breast. Finally, as the time progresses, the nipple goes underneath the udder and takes a position. This situation is becoming the fearful dream of many women.

In the breast lift operation, the person's nipple is planned at his request and he is positioned in the way he wants. By removing excess skin due to sagging in the chest, it is ensured that the breast becomes more tense, tight and steep. According to the patient's wishes and needs, the new appearance with breast implants and prostheses is maximized and patient satisfaction is achieved.

Before breast lift operation

The patient who thinks of a breast lift operation should clearly state what kind of a look she wants to her doctor

Whether the nipple is to be treated before the breast up surgery should be determined in advance

All pre-operative examinations should be performed

Blood thinners should be discontinued before surgery

The patient should minimize the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes

After breast aesthetics

The patient is discharged the next day

There may be mild pain after surgery, this situation is eliminated with the painkillers your doctor will give

Patient can travel after first week check

Routine work can be done after completing the first 10 days

Heavy sports should not be done within 1 month after the operation and chest should not be forced.

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