Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction requires multi-disciplinary approach. Before breast is removed, reconstruction should be included in the first-line treatment immediately after the disease is diagnosed. Shortly, two differing timing is preferred, namely immediate or delayed reconstruction. The decision on timing is based on general health status of the patient and the stage of the cancer.


Is that plastic surgery team gets involved in the surgery and reconstructs the breast, after the breast is surgically removed due to an early stage breast cancer. This option offers some advantages, such as no necessity of a second surgery and most importantly, elimination of feeling of loss of an organ and less psychological trauma due to immediate reconstruction of the breast. Not only cancerous tissue is removed, but also a new breast is constructed in the same session.


Breast reconstruction is jointly postponed by medical oncologist, general surgeon and plastic surgeon due to need to extra postoperative treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. It is necessary to take location of the cancer under control and to complete additional treatments in order to reconstruct the breast.

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