Breast Reduction Aesthetics

Breast Reduction Aesthetics

Breast reduction aesthetics

How to do breast reduction aesthetics

Although breast aesthetics is the main reason for aesthetic appearance, it is often preferred for health problems. With its beautiful appearance, aesthetic posture, back pain, chest pain and many lung disorders, one can decide on the aesthetics of breast reduction.

How to do breast reduction aesthetics

In breast reduction aesthetics, the brown tissue in the nipple is removed, and then the fat tissue, skin and excess is removed and the brown part is transferred back to the nipple. In breast reduction aesthetics, the patient should be under general anesthesia and this operation lasts for 3-4 hours. The patient is kept in the hospital for 1 day after the operation. According to the request of the doctor may be required to remain in the hospital on the second day. Natural, organic yarns will be used during breast reduction aesthetics and no stitching is performed. The sutures are completely seated within 7 days of the operation and the patient is more comfortable. A special bra is given to the patient within 1 month of breast reduction and it is recommended to wear only.

Some patients report back to their doctor before undergoing this surgery. For example, if there is an asymmetry problem in any of the patient's breast, this is determined prior to the operation and the operation is planned accordingly. If the person has an asymmetry problem, this problem is also eliminated when performing breast reduction aesthetics.

Patients will have an aesthetic and beautiful appearance and health after the operation.

Breastfeeding after breast reduction surgery

One of the most important tasks of the doctor who will perform breast reduction aesthetics is to find out if the patient has a child plan in the future. Because some techniques used in breast reduction surgery reduce the patient's breastfeeding action by up to 20%. But if the doctor knows the future child plan of the patient, by making the nipple connection correct; If the milk glands are also under control, there will be no problems in breastfeeding after surgery. Therefore, the correct preoperative plan is extremely important.

After breast reduction aesthetics

The patient is discharged 1 or 2 days after the surgery. He can travel after his first check in 1 week. After the first 3 days, shower can be taken with warm water.

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