Buttock Aesthetics

Buttock Aesthetics

Buttock Aesthetics

This operation is applied to the person to provide more aesthetic, vertical and shaped douche of the butt with prosthetic support or oil injection.

The method to be applied in the operation is shaped according to the body structure of the patient. When you want to get the best result, it is always essential to obtain a natural image. Occasionally, fat tissues in different parts of the person may be used, and sometimes silicone prostheses may be used. This is entirely determined by the person's need and the surgeon's decision.

Buttock Aesthetics methods

Buttock Aesthetics are done in order to increase the volume of the butt, to make it tighter, to steep or to shape. It is one of the methods of removing this excess adipose tissue from patients who accumulate excess fat in the butt area and the fat tissue removed from this area can be injected into another region for aesthetic purposes.

Buttock Aesthetics with fatt injection

In this method, accumulated fat tissue in different parts of the body, such as abdomen; injected into the butt. This may be to enlarge, tighten, or to make a tighter look. The patient is given general anesthesia and the procedure lasts for 1 or 2 hours. The fat injected into the body, which is a newer application than the other methods, will absorb 20% or 30% in the following years, but the remainder will remain intact.

Buttock Aesthetics with silicone prosthesis

Generally, prostheses used in butt enlargement procedures can also be used for the purpose of stitching. The prostheses used in hip aesthetics are different from breast aesthetics. This operation minimizes flowability, thicker and solid silicones are used. Silicon application can be used for life and makes the patient very happy in psychological sense. However, physician choice is very important in this operation because it is only possible to obtain the desired size and approach to the desired shape with the expertise of the doctor. This operation, which is performed under general anesthesia, lasts about 3 hours and returns to the routine life within a week.

Since both operations require surgical intervention, blood thinning drugs should be discontinued and used one week after the operation.

The patient can travel after the first check in 1 week.

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