DHI Hair Transplantation

DHI Hair Transplantation

What is DHI Hair Transplantation

When we look at the history of DHI hair transplantation, we see that it started to be used as of 1970. The DHI method, which began to increase in 2015-2016, has become one of the most widely used methods.

For this method we can call a part or a version of the FUE technique, because although it appears to be different methods, it is carried out in the same way at many points. Roots taken by Fue method and fue method are collected again. The DHI method, which differs only in the sowing stage, provides ease of planting according to other methods.

Another feature that differentiates the DHI method from other hair transplantation applications is the
'' Choi Implanter '' which is used in the root sowing process. Hair Transplant is carried out with this apparatus.

How is hair transplantation by DHI

If the patient meets the DHI method after the examination and general examinations, an operation day is determined. The hair roots taken from the donor area of ​​the patient at the determined day and time are prepared for planting in a stretch environment. Local anesthesia is performed in the recipient area after being sterilized. Each root that is placed on the tip of the device that resembles the pen we call Choi, is transported individually to the recipient's receiving area. In this way, instead of channeling the patient, a direct sowing process is carried out without the need for channel opening. In this way, grooving and sowing are carried out simultaneously.

Will the hair transplantation be successful with the DHI method?

First of all, one of the most important criteria for hair transplantation is the experience of the expert who will perform hair transplantation and the rigor of the application. If the person is in accordance with the DHI method and the patient's planning is correct, then everything is going right. Many factors such as correct and symmetrical adjustment of the anterior hair line, direction of the hair follicles towards the exit point, and the planning of the extension form are the main factors that will determine success. The DHI method is a matter of fineness, diligence and expertise. Therefore, hospitals and specialists to perform the cultivation should also be identified correctly.

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