Eyelid Aesthetics

Eyelid Aesthetics

What is eyelid aesthetics

Eyelid aesthetics can be applied to both the lower eyelid and the upper eyelid; The process of making the eyelid more tense and tight.

As the age progresses or genetically, sagging occurs in the tissues of the eyelid. This sagging image can only be resolved by surgical intervention and patient satisfaction can only be achieved in this way. Since the excess tissue removed in this operation will also have fat tissue, the bagged image on the eyelid will also disappear. Thus, a younger, firmer and dynamic image is obtained.

At almost 35-40 years of age, there is no harm in aesthetic surgery in the eyelids that started to reach the disturbing dimension. This type of aesthetics is preferred at an average age of 35-40 years. For the eyelid that has a genetically sagging tendency, the operation may be withdrawn a little earlier, and an early surgical intervention may be required.

Choosing a doctor in eyelid aesthetics

The eyelid aesthetics are as important as many serious surgical interventions, and therefore the choice of physicians is always the most important factor. The doctor who will perform the operation should know the patient's muscle tissue and facial anatomy completely; previous experiences take priority for this point of choice. Before starting the operation, the physician should also analyze the patient's eyebrow structure. If the patient has a defect in his / her eyebrow structure, this situation should be removed before or immediately after the operation. For example, if the patient has a low eyebrow structure, it is possible to maximize patient satisfaction with a simple eyebrow lifting operation immediately after eyelid aesthetics. Eyebrow removal operation can be provided with Botox sent by the method of injecting to the skin and lasts only a few minutes.

in some cases only the desired image can be obtained by correcting the eyebrow structure, so the selected physician should evaluate the situation before the operation.

Before the eyelid aesthetics Aspirin and similar blood diluent drugs should be discontinued prior to eyelid aesthetics. The consumption of alcohol should be stopped one week before the operation and the consumption of cigarettes should be minimized. Hypertension, panicatak people with diseases such as surgery should talk to the doctor before.

After the eyelid aesthetics, ice should be applied to prevent payment. It is recommended to sleep on a high pillow for up to 10 days. no make-up should be done within 15 days of operation.

The patient is discharged in a short time after the operation, and after a doctor check and approval within 1 week, he can travel.

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