Hair Transplant without shave

Hair Transplant without shave

No Shave Hair Transplant 

In cases where the patient is found adecuate on the donor and recipient areas, we practice no-shave Hair Transplant using special equipment and applications. 

During No-Shave Hair Transplant, grafts are extracted from the donor area delicately by MicroMotor without damaging the integrity and the structure of the skin. This method is especially recommended for people who have small areas of hair loss.

The measures of the transplant (of hairloss) and type of Alopecia are important factor in choosing the right method of Hair Transplant for each patient. 

During No-Shave Hair Transplant techniques, methods to be used should be determined wisely according to the characteristics of recipient area as last 2 stages of Hair Transplant, Channel opening and transplant, are combined as well as containing the adjustment of the angles of newly placed hair for natural end result. 

We are one of the few hospitals and centers in Turkey with extended experience on No-Shave Hair Transplant. If No-Shave Hair Transplant is combined with Sapphire Technique, promises way successful results.

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