Penile Girth/Length Augmentation | Penile Reconstruction

When it comes to problems of Male Anatomy, penile measurements and deformations finds it’s place in the core of leading subjects.


Not having the desired length/girth  has been the cause of concern and discontent since the history, being one of the reasons causing the person to feel “not masculine enough”.

As Much as what is normal can vary from one person to another, avarage size of penis is 5 to 8 cm flaccid, while erect measurements are around 13 to 15 cm. For men with smaller penile measurements this can produce itself as cause of concern, effecting the person’s self esteem and overall mental health.


Penile Deformation can present itself as due to genetic traits or as a result of trauma. This can have negative effect on person’s sex life by causing insecurities. Person feels unable to satisfy their partner and in some cases relationship, marriage and family integrity is effected. 

To determine if the patient is a good candidate for Penile Augmentation/Reconstructive Surgery, we consider 2 key factors;

  1. Erect Penis Lenght and/or Girt is less than minimal average/Penile deformation is present from moderate to extreme level
  2. Patient is concerned by the measurements and the shape of the penis.

Thanks to techonologic advancement in medical field, there is a quick and easy solution to  these problems by Penile Augmentation/Reconstructive Surgery.


The surgery is carried out under the local or general Anesthesia. During the procedure suspensary lígament is released to increase the lenght. To increase the girt fat taken from patient’s body is used and operation ends by using a skin from the patient’s body to provide stretch due to change of the girth and lenght. This surgery increases the lenght 3-5 cm as well as improve the girth about 2-4 cm while erect. Procedure takes about 2 hours and following the procedure we accommodate and monitor the patient in our hospital. 3 days of rest is recommended.

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