SapphireHead Technique

SapphireHead Technique

HistoryHair SapphireHead Technique

It is a special technique used in the number A + hospitals in the world. Roots are not planted into two-dimensional cuts, but are planted in 3-dimensional channels, which are produced from sapphire, which is one of the precious metals of the world, and opened with special sapphire tipped devices which carry the damage to the skin surface and into the most thoughtful level.

SapphireHead hair transplantation technique, which can be adjusted in the same size as hair follicles, is opened with devices with special sapphire tip produced from real sapphire mine, which can be found only in hospitals with sufficient facilities, reducing the damage that can be given to the tissue to the minimum level and improving the healing speed in the tissue. As the size of the grafts (hair follicles), the size of the channels opened by this technique is the same, it provides the opportunity to plant easily between the intact hair follicles without any damage. Thanks to the Sapphire Head method, the amount of fluid injected under the skin is significantly reduced, so there are no cases of swelling.

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