Sedation Technique

Sedation Technique

Sedation Technique

Before both phases of extraction of the grafts(follicles) and channel opening, we put patient to controlled 3 to 5 minutes of sleep by injecting light sedative drugs. 

During that time, we complete the application of local anesthesia without allowing the surfacing of any negative feeling such as pain, agony, worry, nerviousness or fear.  

Once the areas are numb, patient is awakened by antidote of sedatives and the rest of the operation progresses while the patient is in a joyful feeling, comfortable and happy, taking 6-8 hours in total. 

Sedation is practiced in our full-fledged hospital under the supervision of our Doctors and Anesthesiologist using the patient monitoring devices. 

Using the latest technology, our ambition is toward creating better and more comfortable memories for you.

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