Vaginaplasty (Genital Aesthetics)

Vaginaplasty is the name of the process for fixing loosening and elasticity loss of vagina due to age, giving birth, gynecological interventions etc. It is also referred to as in different forms such as vaginal tightening, vaginal narrowing, vaginal restoration surgery.

What is the purpose of vaginaplasty?

Vagina tightening and narrowing procedures are primarily performed in line with the need to tighten and firm up the enlarged vagina and increase its tension. The tightening of the vagina affects the sexual pleasure positively in both men and women. In addition, it is a procedure that allows the removal of unhealed birth marks and a better aesthetic appearance of the vagina. The vaginaplasty procedure facilitates sexual satisfaction by increasing the confidence of women. Even if the person has never given birth, this process can be done to eliminate the loss of elasticity due to frequent sexual intercourse.

How is vaginaplasty done?

In vaginaplasty, narrowing of vaginal opening and vaginal channel are possible. In addition to this surgery, reduction of internal vaginal lips, augmentation of outer vaginal and shaping of mons pubis are possible in the female genital area. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and the operation time is approximately 1 hour. There is no visible scars in the genital area. Vaginaplasty procedures by specialist and experienced people are not painful. In the period of surgery, it will be healthy to avoid menstruation. Labiaplasty (internal lip (of vulva) aesthetics) can be made along with vaginaplasty.

What is Labioplasty (Internal Lip Aesthetics)?

Labiaplasty is the process of minimizing and shortening the inner lips. Extending the inner lips out  visually disturbs women and leads to aesthetic concerns. In addition, saggy internal lips may cause pain in sexual intercourse, but also cause problems in urination. Labiaplasty plays an important role in preventing such problems and recovering the aesthetic appearance.

Vaginaplasty surgery combined with 'Labiaplasty', which means external aesthetic of the genital area, provides health in every aspect. In labioplasty, the inner lips can be reduced and shaped and combined with vaginal surgery. Women who have a urinary tract infection due to large inner lips, who cannot fully establish genital hygiene and aim to achieve an aesthetic improvement, can regain their health with this practical method.

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